As a teacher Emma wants to challenge and encourage her students from their own starting points. Everyone is welcome to join her classes as they are and she will help them to go towards their goals as individuals. For her it’s important that the atmosphere stays always open and warm in a classroom where everyone is supporting eachother.

Currently teaching:

9/2016 – today           Regular Dance teacher at Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf      (Modernjazz, Lyricaljazz, Contemporary)

9/2018 – 2023          Former Leader of Boston Dance Company, Düsseldorf/Germany


My work so far

6.10.2019 “Die kraft der Hände”,
Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Köln/ Germany
7.-9.6.2019 HOLD ON!- Workshop/ project,
Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf/Germany
26.-27.1.2019 Lyrical jazz and Lyrical jazz technique Workshop,
Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf Germany
26.-27.10.2018 Lyrical jazz Workshop,
Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf.
20.-21.10.2018 Contemporary and Modernjazz workshop,
Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf/Germany
4.-19.8.2018 Oriental Dance Camp,
Tanzhaus Nrw, Düsseldorf /Germany



Contemporary and floorwork Workshop,
Tanztage Wuppertal/Germany

“Ich sehe was du nicht shiest” Dance project for disabled kids with Theodor Heuss Schole and Mosaik Schole, Düsseldorf

2.-7.11.2017 Dance camp for disabled kids,
Tanzhaus Nrw, Düsseldorf/Germany
16.-28.8.2017 Oriental Dance Camp,
Tanzhaus Nrw, Düsseldorf/Germany -Teacher
27.6.2017 Dance Camp SkillD Company,
7.1.2017 Modern dance Workshop,
Tansstudio Jami Imatra/Finland
9/2016 – 2018 Cologne Dance Center
regular modern dance teacher
10.-15.10.2016 Dance camp for disabled kids,
Tanzhaus NRW /Düsseldorf– Teacher, Group leader
9/2015 ContemporaryWorkshop,
Dance school La Piroetta, Rome/ Italy 
8/2011-8/2015 CoomaDance Academy
regular Dance teacher
1/2013-12/2018 Worksops/ Dance camps,
CoomaDance Academy Jyväskylä/Finland
8/2014-5/2015 Themusic institute,
Saarijärvi/Finland – RegularDance teacherand dance institute leader
8/2013-5/2014 JyväskylänKulttuuriaitta / own workhsop concept
Dance teacher
9/2013-5/2014  Dance performancePohjantähdennähden/ Under thenorthern star”,
Organizer/Coreographer/ dancer

Masterdegree work which was build up from the memories of old people from the childhood until today. In the performance these old people were also dancing bythemselves. Among them there were also dancing small kids and our own students.

24.-28.2.2014  Lyrical jazz Workshop, Dance school Le Studio”,
Peking, China 
6/2014-7/2014  Streetdancehappening Locobattles,
Jyväskylä/ Finland. Happening organizer.