Emma is a contemporary dancer who has been working in different dance projects both as a soloist and as a group membersince and has experience in cooperating with all ages up to 90. She is used to improvise and combines all the knowledge she has from many different dance styles.

Ongoing projects

  • Member of the THECIE Company – no project at the moment

My work so far




“BRUCH” / TheCIE-Company

“SHIFT” / TheCIE-Company

Co-operation with the TV-channel VOX

15.9.2019 Performance project “Themes and Too many variations”
– Heidi Weiss, Berlin/Germany
4.2.2019 Musicvideo “Drugs” – GiiRL
2.2. 2019 “Blind hold” -performance
group dancer, Oriental Dance Gala/Düsseldorf
13.7.2018 Dance improvistion performance / The Cie- company
Sommerfest im Malkasten, Düsseldorf
4/2018-2/2019 “Krähe und Bär”
FFT Junges Düsseldorf,  Dancer/actress
3/2018-5/2018  Dance Improvisation project “Meet the Universe half way”
KIT-museum Düsseldorf
16.12.2017 Dance solo for Finlands 100 years Gala
Düsseldorf/ Germany
01.01-24.10.2017  Musical “Liekit”



Tanztheatertriologie “1001 Tropfen” – The CIE-Company

House of Five Elements with Elena Linn

9/2013 – 5/2014 Dance performance”Pohjantähdennähden/ Under the northern star”  

  • Organizer/Coreographer/dancer

Masterdegree work  built up from memories of old people. In the performance they were also dancing by themselves. Age range of the participants from three to eighty-nine.



Themes and Too many variations

Musicvideo ‘Drugs’

Tanztheatertrilogie ‘1001 Tropfen’

“Bär unf Krähe”