As a choreographer Emma looks for harmony between the music and movement.  In her work she seeks to find different connections between people, move effortlessly in space and find organicity and lightness in movement yet use focus for contrasts. As a result, she wishes to be able to create an empowering experience both for the dancer and for the watcher regardless of the subject.

Ongoing projects

  • “WE ARE STILL HERE” Dance Charity project for the Climate
    •   Tour in Finland 09/2022

My work so far

10/2019 Coreography “Die Kraft der Hände”
5min, Cologne/ Germany
6/2019 Coreography “Blind dancer”
5min, Boston Dance Company
6/2019 Dance project “Hold on!”
20min, Tanzhaus Nrw, Düsseldorf
9/2013-5/2014 Dance performancePohjantähdennähden/ Under thenorthern star”
Organizer/Coreographer  60min

4/2013 Winner in the dance competitionsArktisetaskeleetwith a choreography called “Wind”
5/2013 4thplace in Finnish championships of Performing Arts, small group, with a choreocalled “Home of the dark butterflies
5/2014 4thplace of Finnishchampionships, small group
3/2015 Winner of dance competitions “Stooriwith a choreography “Kaamos/ The northen darkness”
5/2015 3th place of dance competitions “Show of the year” with a choreography called “Rajalla/On the line”
5/2015 Stipend from a dance competitions Arktiset Askeleet. Solo piece ”you will be my true love”

Täällä pohjantähden nähden