About me

Here you can read about who I am

Art, music and dancing has always been important for Emma. In her first 9 years in shool she studied music as a special subject. She started dancing during the highschool time and gained a lot of competition experience in- and outside of Finland already during the first 3 years. Her first aim was to become an art teacher and eventually graduated as an art educator on 2014 from the University of Jyväskylä. Among studies she had a chance to study dance education and got more interested about it. In 2011 she was spending 6 months in Lissabon to deepen her knowledge in the Faculdade de Motricidade Humana (ULI).

During the 5 University years she started to work more with her own dancing, created many succsesful coreografies and won a stipend to train in New York in 2013. After that she started to teach in the dance school Cooma Dance Academy and was leading several special education dance-groups. Among teaching she was still actively doing her own dance research and compeating internationally. In 2014 she created a dance piece called “POHJANTÄHDEN NÄHDEN” which gave her a strong foothold for her just starting carreer as a choreographer. The piece was supported by the University and it was reperformed in a City teather of Jyväskylä a year after. Same year she had a chance to teach in dance schools in countries like China and Italy and share her knowledge internationally.

After her studies she got a job to run a smaller dance school as a part of the Music institute Saarijärvi and gained a lot of experience in leading and organizing a dance school. During this one year on 2014-2015 she also organized dance happenings like dance battles and was running her own workshop concept for kindergarden kids in a culture faculty KULTTUURIAITTA.

In 2016 she moved to Germany to gain more experience in dancing and started to teach in Tanzhaus Nrw/ Düsseldorf and in Cologne Dance Center/Cologne. In 2018 she started to coach the dance group called Boston Dance Company and has been participating in several  dance and teather projects as a Dancer.  In Germany she also got more in touch with teaching disabled kids in several places which helped her to get a higher perspective for all kind of movers.

During her journey she has been training all over the World and learning from many different teachers. Her curiosity, intrest and willingness to learn new dance styles helped her to be open to see many ways to create and work alone and with others.

In Germany, Yoga became an important way to support her body and she is using it regurarly in her teachings. Emma has also been studing Reiki and energy healing from the year 2010 and continued her studies for shamanic healing on 2019. Yoga as her physical tool, she was able to combine this knowledge to create a stronger understandment for the energyflow in the body and is now able to use this knowledge to pass it on to her students.

Among energie studies the knowledge from music is a key for her to get inpsired today. The harmony between the music and the movement has become a way to create a flow which is pleasant to experience, both as a dancer and as an observer. The importance to feel good from the inside is the goal to reach in everything she does.